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Monthly Accounting Service

The first step to reaping your full potential is to spend time doing the things you do best.  If bookkeeping is not one of those things, then we have monthly packages to keep you on top of your business performance at a price that fits into your budget.  We can provide the standard features listed below monthly or quarterly. If you choose the quarterly option, the same fee applies; however, we will only update your records and prepare financial statements every three months.  For very small businesses, this can be an economical choice, but there are risks involved.  By only updating and reviewing your books every three months, you may not have the proper information to address important matters on a timely basis such as:  past due invoices from your customers, unauthorized transactions to bank account or credit card, bills paid past due. 

Benefits to being a monthly client are:

  • Annual services provided free of charge including:  1099 preparation, year end closing and analysis, pre-tax filing review and W-2 preparation (if payroll services are provided).
  • Discounts on other services such as: payroll preparation, payroll tax submissions, sales tax remittances, income tax remittances, training classes and QuickBooks Online conversions
  • Free service hours to call with questions or issues

 Standard features include:

  • Record daily transactions such as: Sales invoices, cash receipts, bills, and payments made
  • Reconciliations of bank statements and credit card statements
  • Prepare monthly reports to keep you informed on your business status including:  monthly sales report, unpaid invoices by customer, unpaid bills, analysis of monthly expenditures, internal use only income statement and balance sheet
  • Maintain customer and vendor lists, add inventory items and employees
  • QuickBooks Online subscription that fits the needs of your business


This table shows estimated fees based on your business’ annual revenue.  Additional fees may apply – call us for a free quote.

Annual Revenue        Monthly or Quarterly Fee

$0 to $100,000              $150-300
$100,000-400,000        $300-450
$400,000-600,000        $450-750
$600,000-800,000        $750-1,000
$800,000-1,100,000     $1,000-1,300
$1,100,000-4,000,000  $1,300-1,800

Optional features that can be provided for an additional fee:

  • Payroll preparation
  • Payroll tax submission
  • Sales tax remittance
  • Income tax remittance
  • Administrative functions such as: prepare and mail invoices to customers, collection calls, user setup and permissions, onsite training classes
  • QuickBooks Online conversion and maintenance
  • Setup and training on compatible Apps to be used in conjunction with QuickBooks Online
  • Fixed Asset maintenance and reporting


**Monthly packages require a one year contract and the first and last month payments in retainer

Call us for a free quote on the optional features listed above or other business services we may offer.

QuickBooks Online Conversion fee schedule

Early Harvest CPAs, LLC

QuickBooks Online Conversion Services

We are Certified Advanced QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors.  We can convert your current accounting system to QuickBooks Online whether you keep your records in QuickBooks Desktop or a shoe box.  QuickBooks Online offers many advantages including:

  • Company data can be accessed from multiple platforms, PC or Mac Access to data from multiple devices, browser or tablet; QuickBooks Online mobile access is included with QuickBooks Online subscriptions at no additional cost
  • Users can access data from anywhere at any time; users in different locations can easily work in the company at the same time – no reason to transfer files back and forth
  • All the data is hosted, backed up and secured by Intuit’s servers using 128 bit encryption
  • Attached supporting documents and transactional messaging allow for greater collaboration and centralization of information
  • Automatically create invoices and send them to clients, including delayed customer charges for unbilled time and costs.  Allow customers to pay invoices electronically (i.e. accept credit card payments)
  • Comprehensive Audit Log and Activity Log track all changes made to the company data including login information, list changes and access by third-party apps
  • Schedule reports to be emailed to anyone at regular intervals
  • Further organize data with both class and location tracking; nomenclature can be selected for location
  • Bank transactions are automatically downloaded nightly to the Banking Center
  • Invite unlimited report reader and time tracker users in QuickBooks Online Plus
  • Subscribe to and use Intuit-approved third-party apps from inside QuickBooks Online


If you subscribe to monthly or quarterly services, we will offer a 20% discount on QuickBooks Online conversion fees.  Below is an estimated fee schedule to convert your records to QuickBooks Online if you currently use an electronic method of record keeping (i.e. QuickBooks desktop, Quicken, Excel or other software).  If your record keeping is on paper documents, ledger books or the shoe box, additional fees will apply based on business years to convert and complexity of business.


Annual Revenue        One-time Conversion Fee

$0 to $100,000              $450-600
$100,000-400,000        $600-750
$400,000-600,000        $750-900
$600,000-800,000        $900-1,100
$800,000-1,100,000     $1,100-1,500
$1,100,000-4,000,000  $1,500-2,000




Call us for a free quote on converting and upgrading your systems to QuickBooks Online!

Payroll and Optional Services

Optional services fee schedule:

Payroll Services

Payroll will be setup and maintained in QuickBooks online. Fees range from $110-$130 per month based on the QuickBooks Online subscription your company requires. Includes a free setup or conversion from your current system to QuickBooks Online and training for you and your staff. If you are a monthly/quarterly subscriber client, you will receive a 20% discount on the subscription cost. There is also a monthly fee of $2 per employee. Payroll can be run weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly with no additional costs.

  • Payroll preparation includes: setup of new employees, entering employee time, payroll reports-summary and detailed, processing payroll payments via direct deposit or paper checks. Paper check preparation requires check stock purchase.
  • Payroll tax submission includes: all payments made to taxing agencies, notices and discrepancies resolved, returns reviewed for accuracy, annual W-2 preparation and mailing. Both form 941 and form 943 filers are supported.

  • Sales and use tax remittance - $40 per filing
  • Income tax remittance monthly or quarterly – Federal and State - $50 per filing
  • Administrative functions such as: prepare and mail invoices to customers, collection calls, user setup and permissions – fee based on frequency and volume
  • Setup and training on compatible Apps to be used in conjunction with QuickBooks Online – to be determined
  • Fixed Asset maintenance and reporting – fee based on volume

Training Classes:

Training classes are tailored to your business and staff needs and are held at your location. Handouts will be provided as well as question and answer period. Fees for training classes are based on a $75 per hour rate with a two-hour minimum. There is no limit to the number of attendees; however, we may request that you print the handouts at your expense for more than 25 attendees.

Popular topics include:

  • Excel – beginner, intermediate and advanced (includes pivot tables, vlookups, macros and linking files)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Power Point
  • QuickBooks Online or Desktop
  • Accounting topics such as: Fixed Assets and depreciation, How to Read an Income Statement, How to Read a Balance Sheet, Why am I making money but going in the hole? (explanations of costing and variance analysis).

If there is a topic you are interested in that is not listed above, let us know!

**Monthly/quarterly packages require a one year contract and the first and last month payments in retainer

Call us for a free quote on the optional features listed above or other business services we may offer.